where the action happens
Patric, Urs & Markus "Kusi" @ work

Filmed with Sony ActionCam HDR-AS 15 & Sony Alpha 77 with SAL 70200G (Closeup) from a Flying paraglider (Sorry for shakes:-)) So we proofed, that the a77 (From 1:0 6min to 1:59 min) is still filming with around 4G of acceleration and SSS still (try to) work.
Kartracing with JCI Interlaken; http://www.jwi.ch/
Stay tuned for more action

Ready for some different "action"? ;-) Location: http://www.papiliorama.ch/

Special thanks to Mr. W.
epic flight done by the luftpiraten over the swiss apls, best Sony ActionCam video so far!!
senic flight over Ticino, done by the luftpiraten
Martin @ work for FIS Ski Wordcup


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